We are moving to another Support Forum, a better one.So at this one we will only continue with on-going tickets, while on the new one you can create new threads. Please access it from this URL : http://support.umbrella.al/


Important! Support Scope

  • Support is the key-point of our business but we need to make it more solid and define cases where we will offer support.

    Cases where we will offer support 
    • 1.If theme is broken, it won't get installed.
    • 2.If there are bugs (front-end bugs,back-end bugs,errors, warning, strange messages etc)
    • 3.Install and import demo content

    Cases where we will not offer support are
    • 1. Customization
    • 2. Modified themes (not original one)
    • 3. Stuff beyond our theme offers (Many items on menu and menu don't fit etc)

    But we will accept suggestions and feature request, but this does not mean that we will include them on our theme immediately or in the future.

    PS : We can explain the Theme structure as well helping the customization process as well.
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